Submitting photos for the Photo Gallery
AVSA greatly appreciates photos to improve our Photo Gallery.  Submitted photos will be reviewed for quality of the photo (sharpness, resolution, etc.), accuracy of color, and accurate plant identification before being accepted for the Gallery.
Specifications:  Photos should be no larger than 800 x 800 pixels in size.  If you submit a too large photo, it will be cropped and/or resized.  The name of the image file should be the name of the plant pictured (such as Rob’s Whodunit.jpg).  If you want “on the photo” credit or copyright, you must put it on the photo yourself, in an area that will not detract from the plant/blossoms pictured.  Please submit photos that do not have overly busy backgrounds.
First Class – AVSA might want to also use your photos in the First Class software.  If this is acceptable, please include your permission in the email with the photos.
By submitting your photos you are 1) indicating that you are the owner of the copyright of the photos, and 2) that you are granting permission to AVSA to use the photos.
E-mail you submissions to:


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