Trailing African Violets


Question: I am so incredibly lost with my miniature African violet that my daughter got me last year for Mothers day. I have never had one before, so I am totally ignorant how to take care of them. My problem is African violet is in an African violet plant pot..about 4" deep as required. My plant has totally gone grow has 10 "arms" that hang one side of the plant pot..These things are like 10 - 12 inches long each. I am honestly not sure how to cut them down, off, trim..however you want to describe it, I truly have no clue how to trim them so I can have my little plant back that my daughter got me and have it actually blossom again. There are no signs of buds anywhere on this plant. PLEASE HELP!!! I don't understand what a neck is, so please, give it to me in laymen’s' terms. Answer: I have to wonder if you actually received a miniature African violet. It sounds more like a trailing African violet. Trailers often develop long runners that will keep growing unless they are pinched to produce more compact growth. Often, as they age, the leaves along the runners will die back and expose the main stem, which we often call a neck. This isn’t very pretty, so we recommend that you cut off the long runners with exposed necks. Please look for the article on repotting on the AVSA web site for tips on how to pot up the cuttings successfully. Once you have a more compact plant again, it will be more willing to bloom. Happy Growing! Joyce Stork


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