AVSA Library Introduction

The AVSA Library is a great resource for learning about African Violets. The AVSA Library offers many educational programs on CDs and DVDs.  Each year the AVSA Convention and Show is documented on DVD available for purchase.  The DVD contains photographs and a narrated tour of the best in show horticulture exhibits, best in show designs and publications.  The AVSA library continues on its mission to create original educational materials in conjunction with experts in the field of African violets as well as some of the best amateur growers of African violets and related plants.


Anne Nicholas Grooms Show entries

(above) Anne Nicholas, Library Chair, grooms her entries at the AVSA Convention in Austin, TX

Anne Nicholas, AVSA Library Chair, is the writer of the annual library message for the African Violet Magazine (AVM).  

AVSA Library News

by Anne Nicholas, Library Chair

AVSA has a new product available!  The 2015 Convention and Show DVD, “Violets love KC Jazz, Blues, and Barbeque,” is now available in the AVSA Store.  This DVD includes nine sections for club and individual use:

  • A great show overview of Best in Class winners and all the top Winners from the Horticulture Division of the Show.  Wow!
  • Best in Class winners and top winners in the Design Division of the Show. A beautiful array of creative designs!
  • New Introductions for 2015.  Start a want list now!
  • Interview: Best in Show winner, Belinda Thibodeaux
  • Interview: Best Design winner, Suzanne Roberts
  • Interview: Best Other Gesneriad winner, Bill Price
  • Interview: Commercial Grower, Janice Davidson
  • Interview: First time Convention attendee, Michelle Wichersheim
  • Extra: Behind the Scenes look at convention activities with a background of vintage jazz.   This ‘extra’ footage shows the excitement, activity, and the enjoyment of attendees at workshops and other sites around the convention space.

So, head on over to the STORE link and get your copy of this 2015 Convention and Show DVD!  This DVD will be a great addition to any African violet library.

AVSA Library committee members Andrea Worrell & Richard Nicholas
Anne Nicholas, AVSA Convention, Raleigh NC                     AVSA Library committee members Andrea Worrell & Richard Nicholas

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