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This is the online page to submit an event to the AVSA Affiliate chair.  Events are published on the AVSA website.  Please fill in all the boxes on this form then click on Submit at the bottom of the page to submit the information to AVSA for publishing. AVSA Affiliate chair Jeri Anderson will respond by eMail.

State, Provence or Country where the event is being held.
Dates of the event, can be multiple days
Usually the club hosting the event.
Please state the type of event. e.g. Show, Convention, Sale, meeting
Where is your event taking place?
Street address including City and State for the event.
Hours (Time) of event. If multiple day event with different hours each day, please state the start and end times each day
Contact name, address, telephone and any other contact information
Website for the club or Organization
Any additional information about the event.
Name of the person submitting this form. This name will not be published.
eMail address of the person submitting the event. This will not be published and will be used for confirmation by the affiliates chair.

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