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November - December 2017​

On the cover: 
Standard: Cajun Swamp Dancer
Hybridized and Exhibited by: Belinda Thibodeaux
Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky

A look inside the November/December issue:

“2017 AVSA Orlando Show Awards” Winners are listed beginning on page 6. Find out who won what! A favorite trailer: Rob’s Boolaroo, exhibited by Kurt Jablonski, won Best in Show. Kurt also won 2nd Best African violet in Show with Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler and Best Vintage Violet with Peach Brandy. Best Design in Show went to Susan Anderson’s creative Interpretive Flower Arrangement “Miami’s Parrot Jungle”. Take a look to see other winning varieties.

“Saintpaulia, the NEW Streptocarpus” Past AVSA President Winston Goretsky updates and tries to clarify the latest reclassification of many existing Saintpaulia species. After complex DNA analysis, it has been decided that Saintpaulia should be placed in a section under the Streptocarpus genus. See page 16 for further discussion.

“The Violet Network” Columnist Jennie Lawrence writes about her experience on the Web exploring Twitter. She actually found a contact that discussed two hobbies – the first, growing beautiful African violets, and the other? Solving murders! Imagine finding an African violet aficionado who has written a four-book murder-mystery series. Always interesting, see where else the web leads our author on page 26. 

“The Secret of Good Growing Consistency” Paul Kroll - New York grower, judge and member of the AVSA Show & Judges committee shares winning secrets for producing beautiful bloomers. What conditions should growers provide to achieve optimum performance? Temperature, soil mixes, pH levels and light are discussed. Check out Paul’s recommendations on page 30.

“The New and Improved Top 11 Mistakes African Violet Growers Make” Neil Lipson offers a new listing of things many growers do to sabotage their plant collections and their love of the hobby. Items include: bringing home diseased plants; not throwing away sick plants; growing too many plants; failure to groom regularly; and over-fertilizing. How many of these faux pas do you recognize? See this article on page 54.

Sue Hoffmann, Publications Chairman


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