Elected Directors Table

BC Dr. Bill Price director21@avsa.org Serve through 2019
OR Linda Ingle director11@avsa.org Serve through 2020
KY Sandy McIntosh director13@avsa.org Serve through 2020
PA Linda Kilby director12@avsa.org Serve through 2020
LA Sallie Barlow director10@avsa.org Serve through 2020
CA Renee Wilson director14@avsa.org Serve through 2020
AZ Candace Baldwin director17@avsa.org Serve through 2018
GA Johnnie Berry director22@avsa.org Serve through 2019
IL Joe Bruns registration@avsa.org Serve through 2018
MN Carol Semrau director19@avsa.org Serve through 2018
CA Maureen Pratt director23@avsa.org Serve through 2019
OH Dr. Julie Jones director24@avsa.org Serve through 2019
IN Debbie McInnis director16@avsa.org Serve through 2018
TX Penny Smith-Kerker director18@avsa.org Serve through 2018
WA Lynn Lombard director25@avsa.org Serve through 2019


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