Design Derby Introduction

The Missouri African Violet Council introduced the concept of a “Design Derby” at their annual convention in 2014. Based on its popularity, Joyce and Kent Stork repeated the “Design Derby” at the 2015 AVSA Convention.

The “Derby” is meant to be a presentation that is both entertaining and educational. Four experienced designers were given a design assignment, tools and materials to use, and just 20 minutes to create a completed design. The judges then reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of each of the designs.

After the judges eliminated one designer, the remaining designers moved on to a 2nd round of competition with a different design challenge. Finally, a 3rd round with two final designers ended with a “champion” designer for the derby.

Derby observers can see how the designers developed an artistic concept and an approach for their design assignments. Observers can also note the materials and tools each designer used to assemble the designs. The 20 minute time limit did somewhat restrict creativity! Judges were also on a time limit and thus had limited time for their review as they gave suggestions for good design strategies and mistakes to avoid.

The four experienced designers were Elmer Godeny, Mary Lou Harden, Paul Kroll and B.J. Ohme.

Moderator : Kent Stork
Judges : Joyce Stork, Winston Goretsky, Anne Nicholas

This "Design Derby 2015 Trailer" YouTube video provides a sample of the program which can be viewed in a more complete YouTube video titled "AVSA Design Derby 2015" available on this page below.

Design Derby Kansas City 2016 Trailer

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