New Introduction Leaves

AVSA 2016-2017 Article Contest Winners Announced at the Orlando Convention

Best Contest Article                Kurt Jablonski         “Grooming for Show … Grooming as you Grow”     Nov/Dec 2016  
2nd Best Contest Article          Sandra Skalski      “How to Eliminate Thrips”                                         March/April 2017
3rd Best Contest Article          Sandi Mynatt         “Repotting: A Combat Sport”                                   July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Paul Kroll               “Suggestions for Writing a Design Schedule”          Nov/Dec 2016
Honorable Mention                    Vicki Ferguson      “Cultivating a Successful Club”                                July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Carol Schorn         “African Violets and Cats”                                        May/June 2017 
You can win those New Introduction leaves!  The AVSA Article Contest will be repeated for 2017-2018!      Read all the details here.

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