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African Violet International Email Group


Anyone is eligible to join

 Contact: Karen Panek


African Violet International Hybrdisers Club

Anyone is eligible to join


To subscribe, log onto the website address above and click on "Join this group".

Primary Contact

Karen Panek

Coastal AVS (Facebook) -

Primary contact: Jessica Hood

Information updated: 1/26/2017

Facebook - AV International

Primary Contact: Karen Panek


Facebook - African Violets & Gesneriads Anonymous -

Primary Contact: Karen Panek

Love for Wasps and Unusual African Violets

Primary contact:  Tina Moreno -

Alternate contact: Rachel Martin -

Just request to join the group on Facebook.  All lovers of Wasp African violets and other unusual foliage welcome.

This group is specifically for African violet enthusiasts who like the wasp hybrids as well as other "unusual" African violet varieties, including wasp, bell and star flower shapes, bustle, longifolia, lobed girl, spooned, cupped, and mosaic foliage, and growth habits other than the common flat rosette pattern. Uncommon, radical, or new variegation, and maybe unexplained occurrences such as double leaves, fused stems, baskets, or babies growing out on leaves. Feel free to share what wasp, unusual varieties, or occurrences you have and what you are looking for. The more we can share, the less likely we are to lose the varieties that are not commonly grown.

UK African Violet & Gesneriad Growers —

Primary contact: Carl Bullock -

This group was founded with the hopes of creating a local close knit community to discuss African Violets & "other" Gesneriads such as Streptocarpus, Kohleria, Primulina, Petrocosmea, Sinningia among many others! if it's a Gesneriad then feel free to discuss it, all posts around discussion, swap & sale are welcome.

Membership currently is only open to growers within the United Kingdom although anyone is able to read and see posts.

Information updated 12/09/15

The Violet Voice


Primary Contact: Jan Myers



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