First Class for Android


First Class for Android

(for Android Tablets & Phones)

First Class for Android is an App (Application) for mobile devices that use the Android Operating System.  This includes tablets and smartphones by a number of manufacturers (with the exception of Apple). The App allows you to quickly and accurately look up species and cultivar names and descriptions found in the Master List of Species and Cultivars. It includes over 9,000 photos.  User databases are also supported.  A User Database exported from First Class 2 can be imported into First Class for Android, including photos.

First Class for Android is distributed as a download from the Google Play Store. It requires a phone or tablet using the Android Operating System. The program requires 100 MB of disk space.

For more information click here to link to the First Class for Android  web site.  You can also download a pdf of this information by clicking here.

(price is $14.99  in the Google Play Store)


Click on the Google Play label on the left from your smartphone or tablet to purchase the app in the Google Play store.



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