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On the Cover:
S. clone 5f orbicularis var. purpurea, Best African violet in Show, AVSA 2014 
Best Species,  Exhibited by: Sandy Skalski
Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky
Our current issue of the African Violet Magazine contains interesting articles for African violet enthusiasts every-where. Take a look at many of the Nashville show plants, candid photos of show attendees, plus several new varieties in this colorful issue. Also, don’t miss these informative articles:
* Maureen Pratt’s helpful “Get the Word Out! Tips for Publicizing Your Show” on page 38.
* Neil Lipson explains and actually shows us how to … “Transporting Plants to a Show: The Glue-a-Pot Method”. Don’t miss this! Page 48
* Read a complete list of “Violet Pickin’ in Nashville” show winners on page 30 and see a full page of showroom photos on page 37.
* Pat & Jack Wilson discuss “Internet and eBay Shopping Etiquette” so everyone can have happy experiences with on-line shopping. Page 52
* And get a jump-start for next year’s 69th AVSA convention, “Violets Love Jazz, Blues, and Barbecue” in Kansas City, Missouri. The dates are: May 24- – 31, 2015. Mark your calendar now!


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