2016 Convention Award Winners

The list of awarded growers and their exhibits from the 2016 Albuquerque Convention are now online on the Convention page.  Click here to view the 2016 winners.  

32 New Introduction Leaves

Pat Hancock details how you can obtain New Introductions from some of AVSA's best commercial hybridizers.  Click here to read the article.

New in the Library

The AVSA Library has added an excellent free video of a design walk through that was done at the Kansas City Convention.  Come along with Bill Foster and Paul Kroll as they walk through the design section of the National Convention.   Learn what goes into a design and how it's seen by expert judges.  Visit the AVSA Library Page here --> AVSA Library. 

2016 Albuquerque Convention

The convention registration forms are now available on the convention page.  Click here --> 2016 Albuquerque Convention page.

African Violets on hgtv-online

Check out the nice photos and information about African violets now on hgtv's website.

Join AVSA Now - Special Promotion

Get an extra benefit when you join or renew your membership.  Click here for details.

Website - Members Login

Members can login to access the area of the website reserved for them - Member Content.

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