Violets 101 Changes

The internet committee has reworked the education pages of the AVSA website, "Violets 101".  Click the "Violets 101" link above in the main menu to visit the section.  Send us some feedback to tell us what you think using the eMail link on the Violets 101 page.

Convention 2015

The Kansas City AVSA Convention from May 24 - May 31, 2015 is approaching.  The registration forms are now on this website for the hotel, banquets, tours, seminars and more.  Go to the 2015 Convention pages at  for registration forms and all the details.

New Introductions Photos

Now in the Members Content is a photo gallery of recently introduced varieties.  Also, a list of Best in Show winners at AVSA Conventions.  Enjoy!

First Class for Android

Available now is First Class for Android, a mobile version of the First Class Software.   The First Class for Android App will run on phones and tablets that utilize the Android Operating System.  A product listing is in the AVSA Store or more information can be obtained from the First Class for Android website by clicking here.   The app is available for purchase and download via  the Google Play Store.  

Join AVSA Now - Special Promotion

Get an extra benefit when you join or renew your membership.  Click here for details.

An Exciting Chance to Help AVSA!

Your donations to the Tinari Fund will be doubled by another donor!  Learn the details here.

Website - Members Login

Members can login to access the area of the website reserved for them. 

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