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African Violet Magazine Contents by Year

Author Month Page
"And the Winners are…." Mary J. Corondan 2015 Jan-Feb 26
"Oh, the Places You'll Go, the Things You'll See!" Kent Stork 2015 Jan-Feb 5
2015 AVSA Convention Awards - Kansas City, MO Convention Judith Carter 2015 Jan-Feb 52
AVSA 2015 Board Nominees 2015 Jan-Feb 46
AVSA 2015 Convention Souvenir Book Terri Post 2015 Jan-Feb 23
AVSA Booster Fund Shirley Berger 2015 Jan-Feb 9
AVSA Building Maintenance Fund Susan Hapner 2015 Jan-Feb 23
AVSA Convention Luncheon Auction Edna Rourke 2015 Jan-Feb 19
AVSA Scholarship Information Dr. Charles Ramser 2015 Jan-Feb 56
Boyce Edens Research Fund Marlene J. Buck 2015 Jan-Feb 23
Chimera Propagation from Side-Shoots Margaret Taylor 2015 Jan-Feb 22
Coming Events… 2015 Jan-Feb 53
Designing in Nashville 2015 Jan-Feb 54
Editor's Notes Ruth Rumsey 2015 Jan-Feb 4
Growing Tips Ina Beaver 2015 Jan-Feb 30
In Memory 2015 Jan-Feb 31
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2015 Jan-Feb 8
Insects and Diseases Ethel Champion 2015 Jan-Feb 59
Inserting a Plant Into a Dish Garden or Terrarium Claire O'Shea 2015 Jan-Feb 37
Lost Crown Sharon Rosenzweig 2015 Jan-Feb 16
Meeting Place Survey Results - Time to Make a Change? Kathy Bell 2015 Jan-Feb 36
Musings on Twisted fruit…How I grow Streptocarpus Bill Price 2015 Jan-Feb 20
Other Factors Controlling African Violet Growth Newsletter of Early Morn AV 2015 Jan-Feb 38
pH Lisa DiMambro 2015 Jan-Feb 12
President's Message John T Carter 2015 Jan-Feb 3
Preventing Root Shock Joyce Stork 2015 Jan-Feb 30
Putting Tubers and Rhizomes to Bed Marge Huntley 2015 Jan-Feb 16
Question Box Sue Haffner 2015 Jan-Feb 42
Raise Your Hand JoAnne Brown 2015 Jan-Feb 40
Registration Report Joe Bruns 2015 Jan-Feb 19
Selecting a Good Plant From a Description Sue Gardner 2015 Jan-Feb 56
Setting Up a Terrarium - Part 2 Clare O'Shea 2015 Jan-Feb 12
Technically Speaking…or Not - Getting the Color Right Neil Lipson 2015 Jan-Feb 27
The 9th Annual Summer Workshop Ima Petiole 2015 Jan-Feb 14
The Most Useful Tool for Working on My Plants Anne Brown 2015 Jan-Feb 31
The Violet Network - Pinterest Jennie Lawrence 2015 Jan-Feb 18
Variegation - Too Much? Too Little - A Very Fine Line Pat Hancock 2015 Jan-Feb 13
What is First Class? Jim Toms 2015 Jan-Feb 38
Where is My Strep? Eve Welts 2015 Jan-Feb 40
Wick Watering Heather Harkness 2015 Jan-Feb 34
Worth Repeating: Back to the Basics Mrs. Charles S. Hawley 2015 Jan-Feb 39
You Grow What, Where? Linda Hall 2015 Jan-Feb 24

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