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"And the winners are…" Mary J. Corondan 2017 Jan-Feb 58
African Violet Pests, Diseases and Cultural Problems Ben Haning 2017 Jan-Feb 55
Anne & Frank Tinari Endowment Fund Janet Riemer 2017 Jan-Feb 19
Are You There? Linda Hall 2017 Jan-Feb 61
Back to Our Roots - Part Two Maureen Pratt 2017 Jan-Feb 42
Board Nominees for 2017 2017 Jan-Feb 26
Boyce Edens Research Fund Karen Broadway 2017 Jan-Feb 19
Coming Events 2017 Jan-Feb 22
Container Gardens: A guide for the Novice Designer Dolores Gibbs 2017 Jan-Feb 30
Drying and Preserving Violets Cari Most 2017 Jan-Feb 12
Editor's Note Ruth Rumsey 2017 Jan-Feb 4
Genetically Modified African Violets Bruce Pearson 2017 Jan-Feb 40
Going for the Blue - Why You Should Consider Growing to Show Sandy Skalski 2017 Jan-Feb 46
HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN…you have too many African Violets? Claire Ulanoff 2017 Jan-Feb 49
How to Make a Rooting Box for Cuttings and Leaves Bonnie Harris 2017 Jan-Feb 14
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2017 Jan-Feb 34
It's Time For a Dust-Buster Session Anne-Lee Tomczyk 2017 Jan-Feb 8
Lemonade 5 Cents Wayne Tomczyk 2017 Jan-Feb 20
Luncheon Auction Edna Rourke 2017 Jan-Feb 4
President's Message Winston J. Goretsky 2017 Jan-Feb 3
Question: What is a Gesneriad? Ruth Coulson 2017 Jan-Feb 20
Registration for Judging School for Students and Certificate Renewals 2017 Jan-Feb 24
Registration Report Joe Bruns 2017 Jan-Feb 17
Report from Persia: Cyclamen mite, miticide and chimera plants Parviz Parvin Mehr 2017 Jan-Feb 10
Small Talk Laura D. Goretsky 2017 Jan-Feb 8
Temptation vs Streps Donna Vogelpohl 2017 Jan-Feb 31
The Violet Network Jenny Lawrence 2017 Jan-Feb 18
Time to Apply for the AVSA College Scholarship Charles Ramser 2017 Jan-Feb 56
Tossed Out: Violet Tragedy That Could Have Been Avoided Tim Panzl 2017 Jan-Feb 45
Trailing Gesneriads Leonie Chirgwin 2017 Jan-Feb 41
Violet Magic - Eight Tips for Successful Repotting Kent & Joyce Stork 2017 Jan-Feb 23
When a Teacher Became a Student, Too - Part One Jennie Lawrence 2017 Jan-Feb 50
When will I Learn? Maybe this time? Barbara Werness 2017 Jan-Feb 52
"And the winners are…" Mary Corondan 2017 Mar-Apr 18
2017 AVSA Convention Awards - Orlando, Florida Convention Linda Hall 2017 Mar-Apr 58
A Family Portrait: Columnea'Melissa' Paul Kroll 2017 Mar-Apr 6
An Outdoor Adventure with an Episcia Bonnie Harris 2017 Mar-Apr 40
Anne & Frank Tinari Endowment Fund Janet Riemer 2017 Mar-Apr 46
Are LED Fixtures Ready for the African Violet Growers Yet? Neil Lipson 2017 Mar-Apr 36
Are You There? Linda Hall 2017 Mar-Apr 61
AVSA Booster Fund Dianna Walston 2017 Mar-Apr 55
AVSA Building Maintenance Fund Susan Hapner 2017 Mar-Apr 37
AVSA's Article Contest Pat Hancock 2017 Mar-Apr 15
Combating Virus Bruce Pearson 2017 Mar-Apr 42
Editor's Notes Ruth Rumsey 2017 Mar-Apr 4
Every Grower is a Judge Janet Sierzega 2017 Mar-Apr 30
Experiments on Propagating Chimera and Fantasy African Violets to Bloom True… Dot McLendon 2017 Mar-Apr 56
Grandma O's African Violet Bart Wesilenko 2017 Mar-Apr 52
Growing African Violets Aquaponically Bruce Pearson 2017 Mar-Apr 12
How to Eliminate Thrips - Part 1 Sandra Skalski 2017 Mar-Apr 54
In Memory 2017 Mar-Apr 7
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2017 Mar-Apr 24
It's a Good Life Claire Ulanoff 2017 Mar-Apr 47
Office Update Amy Carruth 2017 Mar-Apr 5
Orlando DINING IN THE TROPICS 2017 Mar-Apr 33
President's Message Winston J Goretsky 2017 Mar-Apr 3
Propagating Chimeras: A Great Use For African Violet Necks Linda Sumsk 2017 Mar-Apr 48
Quartine! Why and How You Should Isolate New Plants and Leaves Sandy Skalski 2017 Mar-Apr 43
Registration Report Joe Bruns 2017 Mar-Apr 7
Secrets and Tips of the Super-Growers Neil Lipson 2017 Mar-Apr 50
Senior Judges - Important Notice Barbara Werness 2017 Mar-Apr 31
Speaking the Same Language Cheryl Sandquist 2017 Mar-Apr 39
Tally Time 2016 Susan Anderson 2017 Mar-Apr 28
The Violet Network - Violets Down Under Jennie Lawrence 2017 Mar-Apr 17
Violets on the Move Josh McKinney 2017 Mar-Apr 35
Where You Will Stay in Orlando! 2017 Mar-Apr 16
2017 Vacation Guide 2017 May-June 8
A Family Portrait Mel Grice 2017 May-June 42
A Message From Our AVSA Article Contest Creator Pat Hancock 2017 May-June 14
African Violet Pests, Diseases and Cultural Problems Ben Haning 2017 May-June 5
African Violets - The Power to Heal, and Steal, your Heart Wayne Tomczyk 2017 May-June 40
African Violets and Cats Carol J. Schorn 2017 May-June 32
African Violets as Office Plants Minal Patel 2017 May-June 46
Anne & Frank Tinari Endowment Fund Janet Riemer 2017 May-June 43
Applying the Brakes Bruce Pearson 2017 May-June 20
AVSA Booster Fund Dianna Walston 2017 May-June 55
Boyce Edens Research Fund Karen Broadway 2017 May-June 14
Editor's Notes Ruth Rumsey 2017 May-June 4
HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN… Clair Ulanoff 2017 May-June 31
How to Eliminate Thrips: Part 2 "The New Weapons" Sandra Skalski 2017 May-June 10
In Memory 2017 May-June 16
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2017 May-June 54
It's a Family Affair Martha 'Marty' Landry 2017 May-June 19
LE - Ogni Teatre' Plays a Part William Gillis 2017 May-June 22
Mites & Humidity Helen Williams 2017 May-June 9
Moisturizers for African Violets Margaret Taylor 2017 May-June 49
My Mother: True Lover of African Violets Mary Giles, 2017 2017 May-June 28
Our AVSA Article Contest 2017 May-June 61
President's Message Winston J. Goretsky 2017 May-June 3
Question Box Bill Price 2017 May-June 12
Registration Report Joe Bruns 2017 May-June 7
Rooting African Violet Crowns Winston J. Goretsky 2017 May-June 27
Technically Speaking…or Not Neil Lipson 2017 May-June 48
Testing Western Flower Thrips for INSV Ronn Nadeau & Barbara Jacobs 2017 May-June 36
The Magnificent Obsession Jim Oliver 2017 May-June 15
THE REAL CULTURE OF VIOLETS Sandi Mynatt 2017 May-June 56
The Trouble with Tribbles Clair Ulanoff 2017 May-June 41
The Violet Network Jennie Lawrence 2017 May-June 18
Three Great Shows in Seven Months…What Fun! Pat Hancock 2017 May-June 52
Underwater Arrangements Ruth Beck 2017 May-June 59
Visitors Get a Vote Ronn Nadea 2017 May-June 50
What's in a Name? Henry Heard Jr. 2017 May-June 13
Why Grow the Species? Josh McKinney 2017 May-June 24

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