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The listing below is interactive. Select a year and press "Apply" to see a listing of photos for that year.  Multiple years may be selected.  To select multiple years you can  hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the desired years.  To select all years, click on a single year then hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "A" .  Optionally add the first few letters of a plant or design name and the years you are searching and press "Apply".   

The photographic database only has a few recent years.  We need more volunteers to supply data for the missing years from earlier AVM issues.  This involves finding the printed photo index from earlier issues of the African Violet Magazine, usually the December issue, and typing the data into a spreadsheet.   If you would like to help, please send an email (or a spreadsheet for a missing year) to avm-index@avsa.org.


Thank you Terry Klemesrud for the 2013  - 2015 photo Indices.   Sue Hoffmann so nicely supplied us with photo indices for 1998 through 2008.   Obviously more are needed to complete the project.

Interactive Photo Index

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Plant or Design Name Exhibitor Month Page Year
Terrarium Suzanne Roberts Jan-Feb 55 2015
Terrarium Mel Grice Jan-Feb 54 2015
Terrarium "Experience Yosemite Valley" Mae Mendes May-June 40 1999
Terrarium "Hermann Park" Olive Ma Robinson July-Aug 37 1999
Terrarium "The Grand Mesa" Linda Golubski Nov-Dec 32 2007
Terrarium - "Wild Things" Miriam K. Greene Nov-Dec 40 2000
Terrarium 12 inch or less (Designed by Paul Kroll) Jan 44 2012
Terrarium 24 inch or less (Designed by Karen Cichocki) Jan 45 2012
Texas Space Dust (H. Pittman) Shirley Sanders Jan-Feb cover 2000
Texas Space Dust (H. Pittman) Richard Nicholas Sept-Oct 53 2009
Texas Space Dust (Pittman) Bev Promersberger July-Aug 28 1998
Texas Space Dust- (H. Pittman) Mar 14 2011
The Alps (Horikoshi/Sawara) Ernie Elias Jan-Feb 33 2000
The Alps (Horikoshi/Sawara) Tony Hulleman Jan-Feb cover 2003
The Alps (K. Horikosh/H. Sawara) Mary Corondan Mar-Apr 38 2017
The Alps (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara) Paris Merriam July-Aug 40 2016
The Alps (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara) Susan Shaw Sept-Oct 12 2007
The Alps – (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara) exhibited by Sandy Skalski May 6 2012
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders) Anne Nicholas Jan-Feb cover 2004
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders) Anne Nicholas Jan-Feb 52 2008
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders) Leonard Re May-June 44 2013
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders) Lindi Smith Nov - Dec 51 2015
Tiger (I Fredette) Geneva Holmes July-Aug 40 1999
Tineke (Humako) Peggy Barber Sept-Oct 13 2007
Tineki (Humako) Richard Nicholas May-June Cover 2015
Tiny Moon Goddess Emma Bygott May-June 36 2002
Tiny Wood Trail (T. Khoe) Dolores Gibbs July-Aug 52 2008
Tiny Wood Trail (T. Khoe) Alice Grundy May-June 28 2003
Tomboy Blue (H. Pittman) Elsie Ross Jan-Feb 37 1999
Tomorrow's Blue Nova (J. Smith) Kathy Bell Nov-Dec cover 2004
Tomorrow's Pink Ice (Jeff Smith) Susan Arnao Jan-Feb 51 2017
Tony's Blue Magic (T. Hulleman) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 9 2009
Tony’s Blue Magic- (T. Hulleman) Nov 41 2011
Toy Castle (S. Sorano/LLG) Anne Nicholas Nov-Dec 12 2008
Trichantha pulchra 'Orange Crush' Robert McCabe Mar-Apr 37 2003
Tropical Heat Wave (K. Stork) Catherine Thompson Jan-Feb 28 2008
Tropical Heat Wave (K. Stork) Kent Stork Nov-Dec 33 2000
Twinkle Twirl (Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses) Paul Sorano Jan-Feb 13-Feb 2015
Ultra Violet Saturn (Green Circle) Margie Geissler Sept-Oct 28 1999
Underwater Arrangement "Desert Mirage" Janice Beatty Mar-Apr 33 2005
Underwater Arrangement "Rainbow Curve" Olive Ma Robinson July-Aug 36 2007
Underwater Arrangement "The Steamer Tahoe" Olive Ma Robinson Nov-Dec 53 2009
Underwater Arrangement - "Santa Monica Pier" Paul Kroll July-Aug 36 2008
Van Whipple Sport Carol Eros Jan-Feb 32 2003
Verdict (K. Stork) Elmer Godeny Mar-Apr 29 2004
VICTORIAN PARASOL – (Lyndon Lyons Greenhouses/S. Sorano) Sep 11 2010
Victorian Ribbons (S. Sorano) Neil Lipson Nov-Dec 47 2017
Vika – (B. Makuna) exhibited by Marie Burns Jan 48 2012
Von's Baby Jay (Y. Lambert) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 29 2000
Von's Baby Jay (Y. Lambert) Beverley Williams May-June 49 2008
Von's Busy Bea (Y. Lambert) Daphne Yaremko Jan-Feb 36 2000
Von's Friend Syl (Y. Lambert) Greta Durand May-June 36 2001
Von's Mariner (Y. Lambert) Doris Brownlie Nov-Dec 13 2005
Von's Small Gift (Y. Lambert) Doris Brownlie May-June 28 2013
VON’S SMALL GIFT – (Y. Lambert) May cover 2010
Warm Sunshine (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano Sept-Oct cover 2004
Wendy’s Purple Toad- (Wendy Knapp) Jan 32 2011
Western Sunrise (M. Hall/ B. Foster) Ben Haning Jan - Feb 6 2014
White Dew (H. Pittman) Bev Promersberger Mar-Apr 33 1999
White Lightning B.J. Ohme Nov-Dec 50 2014
White Madonna (Eyerdom) Helen Barrett Mar-Apr 36 2001
Windmill (K. Stork) Kent Stork Mar-Apr 32 1999
Windsome (H. Pittman) Hector Becerra Mar-Apr cover 1998
Windsome (H. Pittman) Kathy Lahti Nov - Dec 14 2015
Windy Day (Stork/Boone) Nancy Price May-June 28 2001
Winter's Finale (Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouse) Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouse Sept - Oct Cover 2015
Wisteria (F. Tinari) Stephen Phillips Sept-Oct 37 2002
Wizard's Froststrike (S. Jones) Patrick Delaney Sept-Oct 46 2017
Wizard's Froststrike (S. Jones) Patrick Delaney Sept-Oct 48 2017
Wizard's Prankster Patrick Delaney Sept-Oct 48 2017
Wizard's Siege Perilous Patrick Delaney Sept-Oct 51 2017
Woodtrail – (T. Khoe) exhibited by Sandy Skalski Jan 41 2012
Wrangler's Dixie Celebration (W. Smith) Jan Shrader Nov-Dec 32 2004
Wrangler's El Diablo (W. Smith) Randy Deutsch July-Aug 29 2000
Wrangler's Savage Beauty (W. Smith) Susan Anderson Nov-Dec 28 2004
Wrangler’s Dixie Celebration- (Winston Gordon Smith) Jan 36 2011
Wrangler’s El Diablo- (Winston Gordon Smith) Jan 37 2011
WRANGLER’S GHOST RIDER – (W. Smith) Jan 59 2010
Wrangler’s Lounge Lizzard- (Winston Gordon Smith) Jan 37 2011
Wrangler’s Pink Patches- (Winston Gordon Smith) Jan 36 2011
xAchimenantha 'Yellow Submarine' (Thad Scaggs) Thad Scaggs Mar-Apr 10 2013
xColtrichantha 'Midget' Fred Packer Sept-Oct 37 2001
xPhinastema 'California Dreaming' Bill Price May-June 29 2013
Yesterday's Child (J. Smith) Morgan Simmons Jan-Feb 9 2007
Yesterday's Child (J. Smith) Morgan Simmons July-Aug 12 2005
Yesterday's Child (J. Smith) Allan Reith July-Aug 29 2008
Yesterday's Evidence (J. Smith) Bill Price Nov-Dec 33 2009
Yesterday’s Evidence – (Dr. Jeff Smith) Mar 40 2012
Yukako (Unknown/Japan) Rodney Barnett Mar-Apr 7 2015
Yukako- Sept 54 2011
Zhemchuzhnye Zverdy (E. Arkhipov) Catherine Thompson Nov-Dec 17 2013
“1890’s” (Designed by Paul Kroll) Nov 28 2010
“1920’s” (Designed by Danny Tidwell) Jan 28 2011
“1920’s” (Designed by B.J. Ohme) Sep 28 2010
“1930’s” (Designed by Paul Kroll) Mar 50 2011
“1930’s” (Designed by B.J. Ohme Mar 51 2011
“1930’s” (Designed by Mel Grice) Sep 28 2010
“1940’s” (Designed by Elmer Godeny) Nov 28 2010
“1950’s” (Designed by Ruth Goeke) Sep 28 2010
“1960’s” (Designed by Danny Tidwell) Nov 28 2010
“1970’s” (Designed by Elmer Godeny) Jan 28 2011
“1970’s” (Designed by Danny Tidwell) Nov 29 2010
“1980’s” (Designed by Mel Grice) Jan 29 2011
“1980’s” (Designed by Janice Beaty) Mar 51 2011
“1980’s” (Designed by Elmer Godeny) Nov 29 2010
“1990’s” (Designed by Ruth Goeke) Jan 29 2011
“1990’s” (Designed by Jane Rexilius) Sep 29 2010
“21st Century” (Designed by Jane Rexilius) Jan 28 2011
“21st Century” (Designed by Elmer Godeny Mar 51 2011
“21stCENTURY” (Designed by B.J. Ohme) Sep 28 2010
“AD ASTRA” (Designed by Nancy Veselke) Sep 29 2010
“AIR RACES” (Designed by Barbara Elkin) Mar 40 2010
“American Bandstand” (Designed by Nicole Braidis) Sept 45 2011
“Barnes Foundation” (Designed by Chris Brenner) Sept 44 2011
“BLOSSOM BOUQUET” (Created by Belinda Thibodeau) Jan 48 2010
“Brazos Belle”- (L. Ray) Sept 48 2011
“E.N.I.A.C.” (Designed by Susan Arnao) Sept 45 2011
“HOT AUGUST NIGHTS” (Designed by Judy Carter) Mar 40 2010
“LANDSCAPE 12-24” (Designed by Dolores Gibbs) Nov 29 2010
“NATIONAL AUTO MUSEUM” (Designed by B.J. Ohme) Mar 40 2010
“NATIONAL AUTO MUSEUM” (Designed by Chris Brenner) Mar 41 2010
“Philadanco” (Designed by Carolyn Klein) Sept 45 2011
“Philadelphia Flower Show” (Designed by Karen Cichocki) Jan 44 2012
“PLACE YOUR BETS” (Designed by Leslie Cox) Mar 41 2010
“Please Touch” (Designed by Nicole Braidis) Jan 45 2012
“Racin’ (Designed by B.J. Ohme Sept 44 2011
“Rocky”- (Designed by Mel Grice) Sept 45 2011
“The Liberty Bell” (Designed by Judy Carter) Sept 44 2011
“Three Rivers” (Designed by B.J. Ohme) Jan 45 2012
“WINTER WONDERLAND” (Designed by B.J. Ohme) Mar 41 2010
“Y2K” (Designed by Jane Rexilius) Mar 50 2011
“Y2K” (Designed by B.J. Ohme) Sep 29 2010


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