New Introduction Leaves

How would you like to have a total of thirty-two (yes, 32), New Introduction leaves to share with friends, your club, or just to enjoy for yourself? Pat Hancock details how you can obtain New Introductions from some of AVSA's best commercial hybridizers.  Click here to read the article.

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July – August 2016

On the cover: 

2016 Best in Show
Saintpaulia Species: S. 5c2 clone diplotricha Parker

Exhibited by: Exhibited by: Dr. Bill Price

The AVSA 2016 annual convention in Albuquerque was well attended. People came to see the show, attended interesting programs, and went home with lots of plants from their must-have lists. The hot air balloon rides were popular enough that another ride was added for Saturday morning. Who knew that African violet enthusiasts were so daring?! This was a great idea from Tour Director and Coordinator, Steve Turner.

In this issue you’ll find two pages of candid attendee photos on pages 34 and 35, plus the award winners for all classes and categories in the show (pages 18 and 19). In addition, the AVSA Society Awards honored eight individuals for their outstanding service to AVSA, its membership and affiliates. See pages 26 - 28 for further information. 

As we close the books on this year’s convention, see page 13 for your invitation from the African Violet Council of Florida to the next convention, “Florida: Gateway to the Tropics” to be held May 28 through June 4, 2017 in sunny Orlando, Florida.

We are very happy to be getting a steady stream of contest entry articles for Pat Hancock’s challenge. In this issue there are nine to read and enjoy. You’ll also find other interesting articles:


  • “The Violet Network” This issue, Jennie Lawrence explores Internet offerings and talks about the site ‘Etsy’. In just one day, Jennie found 1,028 African violet-related craft supplies and tools. It sounds like an active website to search. Read the full story and find a new website to explore on page 7.


  • “Propagation of Chimera Violets by Pedicels” You shouldn’t miss this interesting method of chimera propagation used by Parviz Parvin Mehr who owns and operates Parissa Greenhouses. He and his daughter produce around 20,000 African violets and other Gesneriads each year. The photos are proof that their method is successful. Page 12


  • “The Imp Series” Jeff Jackson, hybridizer of the Imp’s varieties of African violets shares his stories and some tips in growing and hybridizing his somewhat unusual plants. We are lucky to follow Jeff’s thought process over a period of time, while remembering his mission: you won’t know if you don’t try - “(I) wonder what would happen if …” His results are interesting with pretty two-tone and fantasy wasp blossoms. A page of color photos accompanies this article. Page 46


  • “Potting Methods” Sue Gardner (Australia) goes through the basics of how and why we repot. She discusses reasons to repot, which potting methods are the most effective, preferred pH levels in soilless mixes, working with small plantlets versus mature plants, and the ease of using mold potting. Even if you can repot with your eyes closed, this article may still offer some beneficial tips. Page 55


  • “Butterflies … and Violets” Author Penny Diffey offers a unique story about raising butterflies among her African violet collection. What an amazing journey. To follow a pictorial progression from little caterpillar through the colorful butterfly, see page 50.







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