New Introduction Leaves

How would you like to have a total of thirty-two (yes, 32), New Introduction leaves to share with friends, your club, or just to enjoy for yourself? Pat Hancock details how you can obtain New Introductions from some of AVSA's best commercial hybridizers.  Click here to read the article.

Current Issue

November - December 2016

On the cover: 
Semiminiature variety: Kentucky Berry Bush

Hybridized by: Dave Rollins

Exhibited by: Patricia Gibson
Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky
With the holiday season upon us, it is a time to reflect on this amazing hobby and give thanks not only for the beautiful species and hybrids we’ve been given but also the many friends we’ve gained through African violets. Most of us share our love of violets and the other gesneriads with friends in a local, regional or online club. Why not start the New Year with some new plants and gain some new friends by attending a club meeting?  Plan for next year’s AVSA convention in Orlando, Florida (May 28 – June 4) or give the gift of an AVSA membership to a friend. You are sure to receive many thanks throughout the year.
Pat Hancock’s contest has generated lots of articles for the AVM from new writers. In fact, there are nine articles in this magazine. Contest details, rules and prizes appear on page 39 of this issue of the AVM. Please remember the cut-off date for the contest is April 1, 2017. It has been so successful that there will probably be a repeat of the contest next year. Watch the AVM for details.

I have mentioned the contest, but not provided information on the articles. Since it would be impossible to mention every article here, I would like the judging to be impartial and allow the panel to read each entry without outside influence. Let me tell you, these articles are all very good! It is worth looking at the magazine to see the growing tips, personal stories and of course, the fabulous color photos.

Happy Holidays to each of you. May you have happy growing and find the perfect plants for 2017.

Sue Hoffmann, Publications Chairman
  • “Question Box” Columnist Bill Price tackles both simple and complex questions sent in by his readers. One of the most frequently asked is, “Can I use regular potting soil for my violets – none of the local garden centers carry African violet soil?”  In this issue, Bill discusses commercial mixes, additives such as coarse perlite and vermiculite, and why most growers amend their pre-packaged soilless mix. See page 6 for his answer, plus several other questions pertaining to proper light and disbudding.
  • “The Violet Network” Jennie Lawrence offers an excellent walk-through of the website in her latest column. “A slideshow of various violets proved to be mesmerizing.” Well, the website not only provides a feast for the eyes, but strives to answer questions explaining the mission and goals of the society, and provide links to cover all African violet interests. The viewer can explore availability of Library materials for affiliate programs and access an online index for all articles contained in issues back to 1947.  Thanks to Barbara Burde, chairman, and members of the AVSA Internet committee. See page 23.
  • “Passing Along the Passion for Growing” Karen Kennedy, member of the Garden State AVC, shares her club’s desire to “share the passion” of growing, showing, and designing with beautiful plants. Karen’s photos include winning exhibits from their show: Best Dish Garden, by 7-year old Katie Ferguson and Best Design - Best Underwater Arrangement by thirteen-year old, Frankie Bal. She says, “if children find the meetings fun, everyone benefits.” No one can argue with that! On page 32
  • “2016 AVM Library Message” Anne Nicholas, Chairman for the AVSA Library Committee, offers a look into new programs available for both personal viewing and affiliate programs. One recent addition is a “Walk Through” of the Design division at this year’s national AVSA show in Albuquerque. Paul Kroll and BJ Ohme, two judges and well-known designers were filmed as they tour and comment on the show designs. Their comments are definitely teaching and learning tools for both designers and other judges.  Check it out on page 37.
  • “AVSA’s Best Variety List for 2016” compiled by John Carter, <>Here is a list of the top 25 favorite varieties for 2016.  Members submit their favorites online to the address above or by mail. The majority of these plants appear in many shows – often taking the top awards. 1) Precious Red; 2) Rob’s Chilly Willy; 3) Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler; 4) Cajun’s Fair Maiden; 5) Frozen in Time; 6) Ness’ Crinkle Blue; and 7) Rob’s Boolaroo. For the complete list, see page 38.
  • “My Eureka Moment” by Barbara Brenchley (reprinted from the AVS of South Australia Newsletter, Gloria Wood - Editor.) What a valuable lesson learned in this article. The outer leaves of Barbara’s plants were yellowing for no apparent reason. After running pH tests on one affected plant, soil at the top of the plant’s root ball measured 6.5 while it tested at 4.0 on the bottom of the same root ball! How unexpected! You can read her full article on page 60.



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