March-April 2015 Issue

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March-April 2015
On the cover:  Cajun’s Simply Elegant – Standard variety
Exhibited by: Kurt Jablonski      Hybridized by: B. Thibodeaux
Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky


Bye, bye Winter, hello Spring! It’s time to clean the growing area, make soil mix and repot - The proverbial Spring Cleaning. Check the magazine for shows in your area, and if you belong to a local club – get going on your plants for your show. This is a fun, fertile time of year. Take time to “smell” the flowers. They are truly gorgeous.
Find these articles and tips in the current African Violet Magazine:


  • Before placing your next African violet order, check Tally Time 2014 to see what won what last year.   Wild Irish Rose leads the pack with nine national awards from two U.S. regions, including three Best in Show awards! Why not start with a proven variety? Page 19
  • Now we’ve seen it all! Imagine - using bananas to force buds to open. You have to read this one! Page 27
  • Well-known grower Bill Price premieres as the Question Box columnist. He’s so knowledgeable; it will be a perfect match for all. If you have a question, feel lucky to have Bill on the other end of your email. Page 28
  • Columnist Neil Lipson discusses LED lighting for African Violets. Many of us have wondered how effective they would be. He explains his research with what to use and how to use them. Page 38
  • To cap off the unusual subject list this issue, how about using Molasses! Find out the secrets in Molasses – You’re Joking! By Paul Lee on page 47

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