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January - February 2016

On the cover:  Ace of Diamonds

Exhibited and Hybridized by: Kent Stork

Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky


You have to agree – this is truly an appropriate cover photo for the Valentine issue of our African Violet Magazine. It looks like love at first sight. And love them, we certainly do! Don’t miss this issue. You’ll find the latest convention information, plus articles covering a wide range of interesting topics and tricks of the trade: 
  • “Benefits of Cinnamon on Plants” Who knew Cinnamon can be used to deter pests, control fungus and it even acts as a rooting agent? This article offers some spicy solutions to common problems and while it works its magic, it will make your plants smell delicious. Interesting ideas.    Page 22
  • “Is your soil the same all across the country? NO, it’s not! Here’s what’s happening, and what to do about it.” Columnist Neil Lipson has been investigating soil mixes and the influence of pH on plant nutrients. It’s fascinating to see all the variables and the way they seem to directly affect plant growth. Check out his research and findings starting on page 20.
  • “About African Violet Seeds and How We Produce Them” written by Ronn Nadeau, PhD. This is a true step-by-step look at the business of creating African violet seeds for sale. You are taken through each step from pollination through packing the seed packets. This is a primer (with many photos) showing how it’s done; including special tips as well as proven time tables. Page 32
  • “Growing Achimenes” Not everyone is familiar with Achimenes. This article by Thad Skaggs has enticing photos that accompany useful information on handling, planting and growing these colorful, beautiful plants. Thad shares his valuable knowledge – definitely worth reading.   Page 36
  • “Kent Stork’s Method of Hitting Full Bloom on the Day of the Show” One question we always hear is “How do the growers make their plants bloom for the show?” Well, you can’t get any closer to the answer than this article written by a proven winner. Learn Kent’s rules and his time tables. They work for Kent – for proof see the cover photo above, and they will work for you! Page 54
  • “Tally Time 2015” Here we have it - the best plants of the year. If you’re looking for a winner, this is a compilation of which plants won what. Not only do you get a listing by awards, but also their geographic location. See how specific plants did in your area. Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler, Ness’ Crinkle Blue, Precious Red and Rob’s Boolaroo are the tops! Page 56


Missing Issues

Although we have not had a lot of members with missing AVMs, we would like to let you know the procedure for those of you who do not get your magazines in a timely manner. The magazine is usually mailed, by BULK MAIL, by the last week of the month prior to the issue date. Once it leaves our local mailing facility there are many factors that can affect the arrival of your magazine. These are completely out of our control. If you feel you have missed your magazine, please follow the steps below and we will send you a replacement copy.

- Make sure expiration date has not expired.
- Make sure your address is correct with our records.
- With so many different factors, please wait until the 20th of the issue date to notify the office for your replacement.
- Once the office is notified, we will mail you a replacement via First Class mail.

Please contact the office by email avsa@earthlink.net or phone (844) 400-2872(AVSA) with any questions.

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This website contains an online index of the African Violet Magazine with Authors,  Titles & Subjects. The following link takes you to a page where you can list the contents, alphabetically for any year back to 1947.  All past issues of the African Violet Magazine are in our database.


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