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September-October 2014 Current Issue

On the Cover: Hawaiian Cloud, Best New Introduction, AVSA 2014

Exhibited by: Paul Sorano, Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses

Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky


Labor Day marks the end of summer with the beginning of school and the proverbial thought of “putting whites away for the season”. It’s time to begin our annual indoor clean-up: repot, cull, split babies from mother leaves, think about our next show and follow up with a much needed winter getaway. The current African Violet Magazine has a blend of articles with lots of new ideas on these subjects: (P.S. Don’t miss the enticing photos and fall commercial ads!)


* “Gutter System for African Violets & Episcias”, Lawannea Miller shows her novel way of growing plants using outdoor gutters indoors. Very interesting! The pictures explain it all. Page 20

* Learn every part of an African violet blossom with both pictorial and computer graphic diagrams in “Parts of a Flower” by Ernie Stahl. Excellent reference. Page 24

* Ruth Coulson examines multiple components in growing mediums: what they are and how they work in “Potting Mix – what to use instead of Peat Moss?” Page 32

* Columnist Neil Lipson educates us with his latest article, “The 7 Deadly Sins of Growing African Violets – What they are and how to avoid them”. Page 42

* Sylvia A. Farnum, PhD offers a concise method to safely leave your plants while taking a trip in “Make Your Violets Happy While You Travel!” Page 49

* Andrea Worrell’s article, “Who Said It?” offers an interesting affiliate activity. Page 53

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