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AVSA 2016-2017 Article Contest Winners Announced at the Orlando Convention

Best Contest Article                Kurt Jablonski         “Grooming for Show … Grooming as you Grow”     Nov/Dec 2016  
2nd Best Contest Article          Sandra Skalski      “How to Eliminate Thrips”                                         March/April 2017
3rd Best Contest Article          Sandi Mynatt         “Repotting: A Combat Sport”                                   July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Paul Kroll               “Suggestions for Writing a Design Schedule”          Nov/Dec 2016
Honorable Mention                    Vicki Ferguson      “Cultivating a Successful Club”                                July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Carol Schorn         “African Violets and Cats”                                        May/June 2017 
You can win those New Introduction leaves!  The AVSA Article Contest will be repeated for 2017-2018!      Read all the details here.

January February 2018 AVM


January - February 2018 Issue

On the cover:
Miniature variety: Jolly LuLu

Hybridized by: Hortense Pittman
Exhibited by: Anne Nicholas

Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky

A look inside the January - February issue:

  • “First Class Here and There” Chairman of the AVSA Technology Committee, David Kesler, takes us through the new Mac version of First Class for iPhone and iPad available in the App Store. This app uses very little memory on the iPhone, less than 35 Mbytes. A real advantage with the Mac desktop version is the user can back up and restore their database to the Cloud. They just keep creating bigger and better! See more on page 6.
  • “Buckeye Nostalgia” This might just be a photograph, but what a photograph it is! You must see this plant. It is shown on page 22, captioned “Buckeye Nostalgia, 2017 Lone Star Best in Show Winner, Exhibited by: Wayne Geeslin, Hybridized by: Pat Hancock”. With its well-deserved rosettes, this plant is pretty close to perfection! How he grows his show plants begins on pg. 23.
  • “Bees do it – so can you!!!”  Well-known hybridizer, Pat Hancock offers a primer in creating new plants with select parentage. She explains her methods: from selecting blossoms and transferring pollen to preparing descriptive tags to mark the dates and lineage. How long do you let seed pods dry and what do you do with the seeds? Check out page 30 for Pat’s informative instruction on the ABC’s of hybridizing.
  • “Wicks & Wicking Action” Although he passed away in 2014, George Starr’s article, beginning on page 51, is as current as ever. He and his wife, Estelle, grew around 4,000 plants for their business “Violets from the Starrs” in Florida. After a lot of trial and error testing, they found the best results for their specific soil mix was #3 ½ braided nylon cord with an untwisted center. One interesting claim he made was that once the soil was sufficiently moist, it would stop taking in additional water. “There did not appear to be any wick too big.” This is an interesting theory. Read the article and see what you think.
  • “Are You Starving Your African Violets?” Talk about a thorough article on plant nutrition, Nancy Robitaille offers the A to Z’s for feeding African violets and tells us what is essential in their diet. Beginning with Primary nutrients - the components of all fertilizers, she lists: Nitrogen for green foliage, Phosphorus for healthy roots and bud count, and Potassium for the general health of the plant. The Secondary and Trace nutrients that are necessary to grow healthy-looking plants are discussed. And reasons for using Iron and other trace elements to aid in absorption of all nutrients are listed. Symptoms from deficient amounts of Zinc and Boron are surprising – twisted leaves and blotchy coloration. This interesting article begins on page 54.


Sue Hoffmann, Publications Chairman
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