AVSA Article Contest

AVSA 2016-2017 Article Contest Winners Announced at the Orlando Convention

Best Contest Article                Kurt Jablonski         “Grooming for Show … Grooming as you Grow”     Nov/Dec 2016  
2nd Best Contest Article          Sandra Skalski      “How to Eliminate Thrips”                                         March/April 2017
3rd Best Contest Article          Sandi Mynatt         “Repotting: A Combat Sport”                                   July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Paul Kroll               “Suggestions for Writing a Design Schedule”          Nov/Dec 2016
Honorable Mention                    Vicki Ferguson      “Cultivating a Successful Club”                                July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Carol Schorn         “African Violets and Cats”                                        May/June 2017 
You can win those New Introduction leaves!  The AVSA Article Contest will be repeated for 2017-2018!      Read all the details here.

Current Issue


March - April 2017​

On the cover: 
Miniature variety: Rob’s Chilly Willy – Best Miniature 2016 AVSA Albuquerque Convention

Hybridized by: Dr. Ralph Robinson
Exhibited by: Anne Nicholas
Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky

This cover is a lovely introduction to an issue filled with interesting articles and an array of colorful plant, blossom and design photographs. See below for a sampling of the articles.
Looking at the cover above, it’s hard to believe there are African violets this beautiful. Isn’t it? So many blossoms, very interesting variegation and almost perfect symmetry are among the reasons this plant won the Best Miniature African Violet in Show award at the 2016 annual AVSA convention show in Albuquerque. Another interesting fact: miniature African violets must measure 6 inches or less in diameter to be shown! That’s right; this is a big cover photograph of a truly small plant.
Our 2017 convention is quickly approaching. I guarantee there will be different, beautiful exhibits like Rob’s Chilly Willy. It’s always a thrill to see what greets our eyes as we enter the showroom when the show opens. To share these visual treats, consider attending a local African violet show, the national convention in Orlando, Florida, or follow the African Violet Magazine to see photos of the winners throughout the year. Full convention information can be found on this website. Look for “convention” on the home page.
I wish you all good weather and lots of blooming plants to keep you happy!   
Sue Hoffmann, Publications Chairman
< violetsue123@outlook.com>

A look inside the March/April issue:
  • “A Family Portrait: Columnea ‘Melissa’” Columnist Paul Kroll relates his experience and methods of growing Columneas accompanied by a photo of his award-winning show plant, Columnea ‘Melissa’. He describes how and when he waters, what lighting his plants seem to prefer and his temperature control for raising happy, healthy Columneas. If you’d like to try growing a Columnea, you’ll want to read Paul’s tried-and-true recommendations on page 6.
  • “Coming Events” Here’s a thorough four page calendar of shows and sales around the country. Why not plan an excursion? See if there is a show close to you that you can visit? Clubs usually have lots of interesting varieties for sale, too. You’ll be pleased you went. Beginning on page 20.
  • “In Search of New Violets” Dr. Jeff Smith offers an interesting study with photo comparison for unusually marked blossoms that seem to carry over specific puff and flecked coloration to the plant’s foliage. “Tina’s April Fantasy” is one variety that seems to follow this dominant genetic inheritance pattern. Might we have some new types coming? See page 24 for the full story.
  • “Tally Time” This annual listing of winners from around the country and Canada is of interest to all. Winners are catalogued by type (Standard, Semi, Mini, Trailers and Species) and also by region. There is no better way to find which varieties are the award winners. The two top Standard varieties nationwide in 2016 are “Jersey Snow Flakes” and “Buckeye Nostalgia”. Find the complete listing for all winners beginning on page 28.
And while you’re reading the African Violet Magazine, make sure to check out the spring advertising pages 61 – 66 for new varieties, old varieties, light stands, supplies, and much more.



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