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Design Walkthrough at 2016 AVSA Convention Show

Two experienced designers and judges provide us with their comments on the design division at the 2016 AVSA Convention Show. The insightful and instructional information will help viewers understand design concepts as well as learn many helpful pointers on what makes a successful design. Because of the more in depth information, this year’s video has been divided into 3 separate videos, to make it easier for viewers.

Design Walkthrough Part 1 - Interpretive Plant Arrangements 

Design Walkthrough Part 2 - Interpretive Flower Arrangements 

Design Walkthrough Part 3 - Container Gardens 


Design Walkthrough at 2015 Kansas City National Convention 

Interview with Michelle, attending her first AVSA National Convention 


AVSA Library Mission

The AVSA Library is a great resource for learning about African Violets. The AVSA Library offers many educational programs on CDs and DVDs.  Each year the AVSA Convention and Show is documented on DVD available for purchase.  The DVD contains photographs and a narrated tour of the best in show horticulture exhibits, best in show designs and publications.  The AVSA library continues on its mission to create original educational materials in conjunction with experts in the field of African violets as well as some of the best amateur growers of African violets and related plants.


Anne Nicholas Grooms Show entries

(above) Anne Nicholas, Library Chair, grooms her entries at the AVSA Convention in Austin, TX

Anne Nicholas, AVSA Library Chair, is the writer of the annual library message for the African Violet Magazine (AVM).  

2016 AVM Library Message

by Anne Nicholas, Library Chair

Your AVSA Library Committee continues to work to provide educational and entertaining products to our membership.  New items are now available on our AVSA website for both personal use and affiliate programming needs.  Go to www.avsa.org and follow links to the Library page to access these products. A recent addition includes video coverage of a “Walk Through” of the Design division at the national show in Albuquerque.  Two outstanding judges and designers, Paul Kroll and B.J. Ohme, are filmed as they tour and comment on the designs.  Their comments are definitely teaching and learning tools for both designers and other judges.  The Library section of the website also has the Walk-Through of the Design division at the Kansas City show, and an edited version of the Design Derby that was one of the most popular presentations at the Kansas City show in 2015.

As in past years, the Library committee has produced a DVD that features the winners of the current national AVSA show. Content of the national show in Albuquerque is offered on both a DVD and on a thumbdrive this year.  The DVD and thumbdrive will showcase the top winners in the show, new introductions, and interviews.  Check the website, the magazine, social media for information on availability and for other information about other new products from the Library committee.  New products in the pipeline include the presentation at the Kansas City on Growing Trailers by Ben Haning.  Also, the presentation at Albuquerque by Debbie McInnis on how to grow winning show plants will become available.  Our Library members, Paula Bal and Penny Smith- Kerker, will make sure these programs are advertised on Social Media.  Library members, Tom Glembocki and Barb Burde, will post information on the website as they become available.

As always, the Library committee members freely donate time and talent both at and between conventions. I am grateful for all their work, energy, and enthusiasm. I also want to thank Phil Wallace who has been invaluable in the editing and producing of our AVSA YouTube videos and other video and script content of our products. I do not see most of the AVSA Library committee members except once a year at convention.  It is always like a wonderful family reunion.  Our AVSA Library Committee members include:  Paula Bal, Marjorie Bullard, Barbara Burde, Janet Castiglione, Libbie Glembocki, Tom Glembocki, Julie Jones, Penny Smith-Kerker, Richard Nicholas, and Andrea Worrell.

Go to the STORE link and get your copy of this 2016 Convention and Show DVD or the thumb drive!  The DVD or thumbdrive is a great addition to any African violet library.

AVSA Library committee members Andrea Worrell & Richard Nicholas
Anne Nicholas, AVSA Convention, Raleigh NC                     AVSA Library committee members Andrea Worrell & Richard Nicholas

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