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The AVSA Library is a great resource for learning about African Violets. The AVSA Library offers many educational programs on CDs and DVDs.  Each year the AVSA Convention and Show is documented on DVD available for purchase.  The DVD contains photographs and a narrated tour of the best in show horticulture exhibits, best in show designs and publications.  The AVSA library continues on its mission to create original educational materials in conjunction with experts in the field of African violets as well as some of the best amateur growers of African violets and related plants.


Anne Nicholas Grooms Show entries

(above) Anne Nicholas, Library Chair, grooms her entries at the AVSA Convention in Austin, TX

Anne Nicholas, AVSA Library Chair, writes an annual message for the African Violet Magazine (AVM).  Here is the most recent Library message:

AVSA Library Message

by Anne Nicholas, Library Chair

The 2013 AVSA Convention and Show was an awesome one. It was great to see over 1000 exhibits in the showroom and to hear outstanding presentations. The Library Committee was pleased to introduce a new DVD at the convention.  This new DVD, Meet the Commercials, was a huge hit! This DVD is the first AVSA Library product to include video footage.  The DVD features six of our AVSA commercial vendors.  We get to see their growing spaces and hear personal stories of how they got started in violets. Andrea Worrell was the moving force behind the production of this new product.  Andrea and Tom and Libbie Glembocki provided the video footage. Joe Bruns helped Andrea assemble all the pieces into a wonderful program.  Andrea and Tom introduced the DVD at a presentation in Austin.  The program was dynamic and sales of the DVD were brisk. If you do not yet have this DVD for yourself or your club program, visit the AVSA website and order a copy. 
Many folks also ordered copies of the convention DVD.  This product shows photos and describes all the winning entries.  It is a great way to either re-visit the showroom or see it for the first time if one was not there. This DVD is always a popular one to share at club meetings or with friends.  This DVD also can be ordered through the AVSA website.
The Library Committee, as always, was busy and enjoyed every moment seeing friends, the sales room, and, of course, the showroom. Many thanks go to the fantastic hardworking members of the Library Committee.  This committee includes: Barbara Burde, Marjorie Bullard, Janet Castiglione, Libbie Glembocki, Tom Glembocki, Richard Nicholas, and Andrea Worrell. The group looks forward to a great show next year in Nashville.
AVSA Library committee members Andrea Worrell & Richard Nicholas
Anne Nicholas, AVSA Convention, Raleigh NC                     AVSA Library committee members Andrea Worrell & Richard Nicholas

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