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Question: My African violet has two leaves with large white circles on them. What could that be?  click to read more ...

Answer: This might be spotting from having had water stand on the leaves. In which case, the circles will disappear when you moisten the area. It could be worse.  White circles (rather than white round blotches) are an ominous symptom of a viral disease called impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) that has been known to affect violet collections especially following outbreaks of thrips which carry the disease from plant to plant. Typically it is also associated with general malaise, including stunting, irregular growth and failure to thrive. There is no cure and it is best to discard plants as quickly as possible to prevent further spread of the disease. Before you do that however, I would like to see a photo that would allow me to say for certain if that is what you are describing.

Happy Growing!

Joyce Stork

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