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Question: I cut off the roots of two of my African violets and repotted them according to your directions. One of them appears to be doing well, and I removed it from its bag today. The other got fluffy moldy-looking stuff, and I threw it out. I did the same thing to both of them, so why did only one make it? What did I do wrong?  Read more ...

Answer: It is hard to know for certain, but I suspect that botrytis attacked the one plant. It is a very common fungus that is often seen on cut flower stems. It is somewhat helpful in breaking down plant material into decayed mulch, but undesirable when it gets into something that you wanted to continue growing. The fungus may have been present on the one plant (bag or pot) and not the other, or you may have somehow introduced it as you did the repotting. It is always wise to use clean pots and bags, and to clean tools before cutting the plant tissue. The excellent thing is that you bagged them separately so that the fungus didn't spread.

Happy Growing!

Joyce Stork

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