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  • Show-Place-Win & Growing TX Size Trailers


    Growing Texas Size Trailers

    The African Violet Society of America convention presentations by Debbie McInnis and Ben Haning.

    1.Growing African Violets (28 minutes)
    2.Potting, Fertilizers, Lighting (35 minutes)
    3.Showing African Violets (18 minutes)
    4.Growing Texas Sized African Violet
    Trailers (30 minutes)

    These talks were presented at AVSA Conventions.
    Available on DVD or USB Thumbdrive

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  • Meet The Commercials

    Meet The Commercials

    The African Violet Society of America tours the greenhouses and growing areas of:

    1. David Harris of Dave's Violets
    2. Pat Hancock of Buckeye Violets
    3. Libbie Glembocki of Bluebird Greenhouses
    4. Brenda & Mahlen Petry of The Violet Gallery
    5. Rob and Olive Ma Robinson of the Violet Barn
    6. Paul Sorano of Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses

    See live interviews with all six commercial vendors who reveal their growing tips and more!

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  • From Tucson to Tulsa DVD

    From Tucson to Tulsa

    This is a tour of new African violet cultivars that were introduced over the course of several years at AVSA conventions in Tucson, Denver, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Tulsa. 


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  • Understanding the African Violet Species (2 DVD Set)

    Understanding the African Violet Species

    Presentation - Dr. Jeff Smith and Dr. Barbara Pershing

    This is a 2 DVD set that is an educational exploration of the African Violet Species in 4 parts. Researched by Dr. Jeff Smith and Dr. Barbara Pershing, this DVD has become a standard at many Universities. Part 1 covers the discovery, habit and origin of the Saintpaulia species. Part 2 covers understanding the new classification system. Part 3 is a photo gallery of species plants. Part 4 covers culture, growing and showing of the species. This is an invaluable reference work for the AV species. Narrated by Richard Nicholas and produced by the AVSA Library Committee.


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  • African Violet Trailers (Classic Series)

    African Violet Trailers 

    Slide Show Presentation Classic Series #2

    This is an update of an older AVSA 35 mm slide show.  Viewers will see and hear Bev Promersberger demonstrate and describe her succesful method of growing award winning trailers. Ideas presented on this DVD are still current. This is a popular classic narrated slide show and is ideal for club or personal use.


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  • Species to Spectacular DVD

    Species to Spectacular

    This informative and educational program was presented by Pat Hancock at the AVSA Reno convention. Trace the development of the African Violet from the species to the newest trends in hybridizing. Pat has put together an enlightening program that is sure to be enjoyable for your club or affiliate meeting.


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  • African Violet Trailers by Bill Price

    African Violet Trailers

    This is a guide and how-to DVD of the Dr. William Price Growing Trailers program presented at the AVSA Reno Convention in 2009. Narrated by Dr Richard Nicholas and produced by Dr Barbara Burde.


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  • The Pittman Way of Growing African Violets CD

    Growing The Pittman Way

    Hortense and Ray Pittman, leaders in the African Violet world, have been growing, showing and hybridizing Violets since the 1970s.  This CD shows the basics of growing African Violets.


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  • Judging Gesneriads CD

    Judging Gesneriads

    This CD explores the judging of gesneriads.  It shows what judges look for when judging and allows judges to expand their knowledge of gesneriads.  Presented at the 2007 AVSA Convention in Denver, Colorado by: Dale Martens, Paul Kroll and Bill Price.


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  • African Violet Troubles

    African Violet Troubles

    This is an update to a classic AVSA slide show. Viewers will see and hear a review of violet pests and culture.   The ideas presented here are still current, while some are no longer used.  This is an excellent springboard for discussion.


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