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Would you like to see your ad in the African Violet Magazine (AVM)?
Advertisers do not need to be a member of AVSA, but the product or service advertised must be plant-related to qualify for placement. Classified ads are offered for 15/words $18.00 minimum. Regular ads are offered by the inch, quarter page, half page, and full page. Color ads are offered by half page and full page only. All advertisers are also listed on the website free of charge.  View the AVSA Advertising Guidelines.

For information about advertising in the AVM or having a listing on this website, contact: Cindi Nofziger, Advertising Manager at or phone: (541) 926-8116.

View the AVSA Commercial Activities Newsletter   A newsletter for AVSA Commercial members only. A password is required to open the file. Contact Lynn Lombard ( ) for access to the newsletter if you do not have a password.


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