AVSA Photo Gallery

The AVSA Photo Gallery is a collection of hundreds of African violet photos submitted by our members. The gallery is fully indexed alphabetically and each thumbnail is clickable for a larger view.  

The photos are here for your enjoyment, and to show the exciting diversity that African violets have in color, color patterns, and leaves. Due to differences in camera settings, lighting, and your monitor, AVSA does not recommend that you use these photos to identify African violet varieties.

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Photo Name Index
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Plant names beginning with 'A'


  • Aftershock
  • Aggie Trail
  • Agnew
  • Ain't Misbehaving
  • Ajohn's Bride in White
  • Ajohn's Enterprize
  • Ajohn's Hawaiian Dream
  • Ajohn's Moonlight Serenade
  • Ajohn's Raquel
  • Ajohn's Shimmering Star
  • Ajohn's Spinning Bells
  • Ajohn's Summer Sun
  • Ajohn's Winter Moon
  • Ajohn's Winter Sun
  • Ajohn's Yellow Submarine
  • Alakazam
  • Alamo Bewitching
    Alamo Bewitching
  • Alamo Butterfly
    Alamo Butterfly
  • Alamo Explosion
    Alamo Explosion
  • Alamo Joy
    Alamo Joy
  • Albro's Show
    Albro's Show
  • Aly's Blizzard Bunny
    Aly's Blizzard Bunny
  • Aly's Key Lime Pie
    Aly's Key Lime Pie
  • Ann
  • Apache Blanket
    Apache Blanket
  • Apache Celebration
    Apache Celebration
  • Apache Maiden
    Apache Maiden
  • Apache Memories
    Apache Memories
  • Apache Rainmaker
    Apache Rainmaker
  • Apache Thunderbird
    Apache Thunderbird
  • Apache Thunderbolt
    Apache Thunderbolt
  • Apache Victory
    Apache Victory
  • Appalachian Tussy Mussy
    Appalachian Tussy Mussy
  • Arctic Frost
    Arctic Frost
  • Astro Star
    Astro Star


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